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Tilly the Triceracloth:

Hello! Welcome to Two Little Hands Co.! I’m Tilly, and I’d love to share more about our diapers with you!

Every feature of our diapers are carefully selected to better suit you and your baby’s needs!

3x5 rise snaps:

These snaps are the horizontal snaps that are below the waist tabs!

They are the part of the diaper that truly make it “one size” because you can adjust them to fit around your baby’s legs!

Most diaper companies use 3x3 rise snaps, but by having 3x5 rise snaps, our diapers are able to fit babies ranging from 7-55lbs! That is 20lbs more than your average cloth diaper, so your baby can wear them for a longer period of time (and save you money!)

If you need larger sizing, we also have our XL’s available that fit 20-65lbs+.

Dirty closure snaps:


These snaps are extra snaps on the top of the waist tab that keep all the poop and pee inside the diaper securely when you are out and about.

Simply roll or fold up the bottom half, wrap the waist around the folded base, and snap together for clean and compact transport.


Stretchy PUL:

PUL is the waterproof layer that holds the liquids inside and has the cute prints on it. The stretchiness allows for a better fit on your baby while they are constantly growing and changing in size. The PUL is also soft to the touch without compromising durability in order to last.




Wide tummy panel:

The Tummy Panel is extra PUL placed on the inside of the diaper in order to prevent leaks. If baby tends to sleep on his or her tummy, the absorbency could be squished and liquids leak out the top. Not with a tummy panel. It all stays inside and makes life easier for you!



AWJ teal lining:

The inside of our pocket diapers are a soft, teal Athletic Wicking Jersey (AWJ). The AWJ helps keep baby cool, and the teal color is beautiful AND functional by helping hide any potential staining!



Gentle elastics:

These elastics go in the underwear line of your baby. They are strong enough to hold everything in, but gentle enough so no red marks show up on your baby!



 Thick back elastics:

These elastics are near the back of the diaper. They are wider to increase the comfort of your baby, provide extra reinforcement to prevent blowouts, and help prevent relaxed elastics when stuffing.



 Square tabs:

These look pretty and are aesthetically pleasing. We like them, and hope you do too!


We hope you consider choosing Two Little Hands Co. and love our diapers as much as we do!

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