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Percy the Panda:

 Hello. I’m Percy the Panda, and I LOVE bamboo!

I’m here to tell all about Two Little Hands Co. inserts, and guess what… they ALL have bamboo!

Our bamboo inserts are a 100% natural fiber blend, so they’re safe against baby’s skin. Specifically, our inserts use a blend of bamboo and terry which, when woven, create little loops that grab and hold moisture similar to how a bath towel does.

This makes it great for absorbing liquids while preventing leaks. We will be sharing how much GSM is in each one of the inserts (GSM refers to the fabric weight and density in grams-per-square-meter) and we will se approximately how much liquids they can absorb. So, let’s take a look, shall we?!


Just as the name suggests, the 5 layer insert has five layers of bamboo terry (no hidden microfiber layers here). The 5 layer inserts measure about 13.5x5” and weights approx. 1800 GSM (absorbs 8oz+ of liquid). We’ve lined it with teal Athletic Wicking Jersey (AWJ) that not only matches the diapers lining, but helps prevent the edges from wrinkling (also known as “baconing”) and shrinkage!

Those who like the 5 layer inserts often comment on how soft and flexible they are and how they appear to be more comfortable as they move with baby's body.




Next on the list are our 6 layer inserts! While these are also edged with teal AWJ, these inserts are made with 3 bamboo terry layers on the top half and 3 more layers made from a cotton/hemp blend on the bottom half.

We have also added additional middle stitching to further help prevent "baconing". They measure about 12.5x5” and weights 1800 GSM*+ approx. Those who lean towards liking the 6 layer like how they are a bit smaller and are slightly stiffer than the 5 layer. They can hold approximately 8oz+ of liquids (if not more), and the extra firmness helps hold the insert in place!




Finally our snake insert! As the name suggests, this insert is very long. Measuring at 25x5,” this serge-threaded lined insert is made of 2 layers of bamboo terry on the outer layers and 2 layers of cotton/hemp on the inside layers! It weights approx. 1400 GSM; that makes 2800 GSM when it’s folded in half, it holds 9.5oz+ of liquid! Designed for overnight usage and for heavy wetter's, there are many ways to fold this insert to customize to where the most absorbency is needed. (See graphic for examples).




Two Little Hands Co. inserts are easy to use. Just stuff in a pocket or place inside a cover! All our inserts reach peak absorbency after 6+ washes, but you can begin to use it after the first wash. Make sure you check out (Penny the) Piggy’s instructions on how to prepare your inserts for use as well as any wash routine help! We hope you love bamboo… I mean our inserts… as much as I do!


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I love using snake inserts for night time!

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